Ontario Liberals Provide Yet Another Reason Not To Like Them

It absolutely blows me away when I stop to consider that there are people out there who still support Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal Party. One might have thought that several active OPP investigations, ever-increasing taxes, policy proposals that would kill jobs and disproportionately hurt small businesses, and rampant corruption would have been enough to give someone else a shot, but alas, the devil you know…

Via CBC:

The Ontario Liberal Party used a loophole in the province’s campaign finance laws to amass a whopping $1.6 million during a byelection campaign in which the spending limit was $142,000, CBC News has learned. 

The fundraising bonanza in Whitby-Oshawa was legal, but it illustrates how parties can use byelections to amass donations far exceeding the cost of the campaign, and how donors with deep pockets can give far more than Ontario’s annual spending limits.

Data from Elections Ontario show the Liberals collected $1,632,625 during the campaign period for the byelection, which they lost to the Progressive Conservatives. In comparison, the Liberals collected $2.7 million in donations during the 2014 general election, contested in 107 ridings.

Each party’s byelection candidate in Whitby-Oshawa was limited to spending about $142,700. That means Liberals have an extra $1.5 million in their coffers, to spend as they wish.

And a loophole allows them to go back to the same donors who supported them in Whitby-Oshawa for more money this year. 

Ontario Liberals Provide Yet Another Reason Not To Like Them