Ontario Liberals Provide Yet Another Reason Not To Like Them

It absolutely blows me away when I stop to consider that there are people out there who still support Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberal Party. One might have thought that several active OPP investigations, ever-increasing taxes, policy proposals that would kill jobs and disproportionately hurt small businesses, and rampant corruption would have been enough to give someone else a shot, but alas, the devil you know…

Via CBC:

The Ontario Liberal Party used a loophole in the province’s campaign finance laws to amass a whopping $1.6 million during a byelection campaign in which the spending limit was $142,000, CBC News has learned. 

The fundraising bonanza in Whitby-Oshawa was legal, but it illustrates how parties can use byelections to amass donations far exceeding the cost of the campaign, and how donors with deep pockets can give far more than Ontario’s annual spending limits.

Data from Elections Ontario show the Liberals collected $1,632,625 during the campaign period for the byelection, which they lost to the Progressive Conservatives. In comparison, the Liberals collected $2.7 million in donations during the 2014 general election, contested in 107 ridings.

Each party’s byelection candidate in Whitby-Oshawa was limited to spending about $142,700. That means Liberals have an extra $1.5 million in their coffers, to spend as they wish.

And a loophole allows them to go back to the same donors who supported them in Whitby-Oshawa for more money this year. 

Ontario Liberals Provide Yet Another Reason Not To Like Them

Female Air France Attendants Refuse To Wear Hijab On Flights To Iran

Female Air France attendants are rightfully upset over being asked to wear Islamic headscarves (hijabs) when flights between France and Iran resume later this month (apparently, the service has been suspended for the last eight years).

Via the National Post:

The resumption of a thrice-weekly service between Paris and Tehran, planned for April 17 after an eight-year break, follows a thaw in relations since Iran agreed to dismantle large sections of its nuclear programme.

Iranian women have been forced by law to cover their hair or face stiff fines or even imprisonment since 1979.

In staunchly secular France, however, public signs of religion have been frowned upon since a 1905 law separated church and state.

French women see Islamic headscarves and veils as an affront to their dignity. They are banned in state schools and offices, and it is illegal to wear the full-face veil in public.

Nothing like asking women to oppress themselves in the 21st century, eh?

Female Air France Attendants Refuse To Wear Hijab On Flights To Iran

Trump: Fascism Has Become the Alternative to the Constitutional Republic

It was the year 1776 when American colonists declared independence from Britain and set the stage for war with one of the most powerful empires in world history. Though the group of ragtag colonists initially found themselves at a major disadvantage, given military supplies were low, disease was rampant, and food scarce, seven long years of war proved victorious for the Americans, and a new nation built on freedom, liberty, and limited government was born.

So humble were America’s origins and so insatiable the appetite for freedom and liberty that George Washington refused to allow his soldiers to install him as a King with ultimate authority over the newly founded nation, yielding power back to Congress before being elected as the first President of the United States six years later. After eight years of governance, Washington voluntarily stepped down to ensure the presidency remained limited in its power. As a consequence of his commitment to his principles and America, Washington established a precedent that eventually became law after it was once violated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1940s.

I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” – George Washington

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Trump: Fascism Has Become the Alternative to the Constitutional Republic

Putting Her In Her Place: How Men Engage In Targeted Harassment Online

I blocked someone on Twitter last night.

I hate doing it — it feels like a violation of my principles — but more and more lately, I’ve come to understand there’s a difference between someone challenging my opinion or hurling a few insults at me and targeted, calculated harassment. The former is par for the course when you voice your thoughts on the internet, but the latter is a phenomenon that, in my experience, is perpetrated exclusively by men with the explicit purpose of asserting themselves over me as a woman.

So, when my phone buzzed a few days ago with several notifications in a row after I’d responded to someone with two short comments on my Facebook page, I made the decision to ignore the individual on the basis that his behaviour indicated it was not worth the back-and-forth. One day later, after some silence, I received a notification on Twitter from the same person, who had now gone out of his way to create an account just to continue ranting at me. I gave him the opportunity to stop by threatening to mute his account, and for a few hours, he did. Then I received another tweet, so I replied appropriately and blocked him.

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Putting Her In Her Place: How Men Engage In Targeted Harassment Online